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Congratulations to all you newly engaged couples. Thanks for stopping by our Blog post where we aim to help brides & grooms out as much as possible. Today’s Blog has been put together for brides about to venture into the unknown world of Bridal Gown shopping… Fortunately or unfortunately it’s not really like ͞Say yes to the Dress͟ but if you have been a fan of the programme it will help as you will know your Organza from your Tulle and your A-line from your Ballgown! (all will become clear soon to the non-fans) So as we all know and are happy to admit, to us ladies the dress is one of the biggest elements of our wedding! So many more pieces of the wedding planning puzzle can take place once the brides dress has been chosen. Colour schemes, themes and everything there after all seem to fall into place once you know they style of your wedding dress. So with this in mind it is easy to see how excitement can quickly turn to nerves and the task at hand can become daunting. In order to keep you on track and reverse those nerves back to excitement we have put together the below tips & advise which we feel will help ensure you have a successful and enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Underwear – strapless bra & nude seamfree underwear will be best.
  • Shoes – most shops should have shoes for you to try on with their gowns, but if you are used to a certain heel height you may wish to bring your own heels. The focus should be on the gowns you want to try on and not on the 5 inch heels you are struggling to walk in.
  • Tan – The vast majority of shops have a strict no tan policy. Understandable as we need to preserve the gowns as best as possible. At Dublin Bridal House we are not going to scream if you show up looking a little bit sun kissed. We are ok with tan as long as it is not an instant tan recently applied that will transfer onto the dresses. Try a gradual tan that is showered off after a number of hours and this will do no harm to the dresses.
  • Make-Up – We know this is the most glamorous day in most of our lives so to try dresses on without a screed of makeup is unrealistic. We do ask that dark lipstick and foundations are kept to a minimum. Go crazy on the lashes if you wish.
  • Hair styles – We have seen many brides arrive with their hair slightly curled or a basic updo and the difference this make is huge! It’s really a personal choice but it gives an extra glimpse of the possible overall look on the day.
  • Gown Sizes – Bridal gown sizing is unlike any other dress you will have bought. They are so different from high street sizes that you could be looking at 1-2 sizes of a difference depending on the designer. So forget the number on the tag and let your bridal consultant work on pinning the dress to your size. A lot of boutiques have a great range of sizes but do be sure to check the sample sizes when you book your appointment. Be sure there will be enough choice in your size to justify the trip.
  • Designers – Have an idea of the styles of dresses you like before you start shopping and from these see if a certain designer is repeating styles you are taken by. The designers’ website can then lead you directly to the boutique where they are stocked. This can save disappointment if you are looking for a very specific style and reduce the number of shops you will need to visit. (anything over 5 shops would be considered a lot, most brides we meet choose 3 shops)
  • Don’t be disheartened – A lot of the time it can be a process of elimination of different styles. If the style you have been looking at doesn’t work out for you it is only because you have found another style that make you look even more fabulous so try to embrace that feeling and let the previous silhouette in your mind go.
  • The Entourage – Yes it’s true that the more people you bring along with you then the more opinions you will hear and the more people you may feel you have to please. But if you are a strong minded lady and from a large family you will be well used to that hustle and bustle so bring whoever you want and we will ensure everyone is team bride on the day. The important thing to do is to bring a trusted group of opinions you care about and people who care about you.
  • Price Point – Know in advance the price point of the boutiques you are visiting so there are no surprises during your appointment. If you have a budget in mind feel free to advise your bridal consultant to be respectful of this at the beginning of your appointment.
  • When to start – As soon as you are ready to purchase you should make a start. It amazes me how quickly we get from ordering, to the dress arriving, to the wedding day. Time goes by shockingly fast when you are planning a wedding. Ideally give yourself at least 10-12 months prior to your wedding date and longer if you are ready to make that decision.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and please share with any of your friends that may benefit from this read.

Sharon – Dublin Bridal House

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